Why Has My Refrigerator Stopped Working?

When a fridge stops working, mild panic can set in. The number of problems that a non-working fridge can cause is high. The first concern, of course, if the spoiling of all the food in the fridge. Spoiled food is wasteful and can also be very expensive. The second concern can deal with a fridge and freezer combination. When the appliance stops working, there is the risk that the freezer could start defrosting itself creating a big watery mess. (more…)

How To Select The Right Hob For Your Home?

You may be wondering what type of hob you need for your kitchen. Hobs come in a variety of sizes and made from a variety of materials so choosing the right one can be as simple as knowing what you want before you go shopping for one. Everyone has their own style of cooking, so you will want to find a hob/burner that will make your style cooking methods easier. Here are a few tips to help you find the right one for your kitchen. (more…)