Why Does The Gas Stove Click?

If you have noticed a clicking sound coming from your gas oven, we may have the solution. Maybe you have tried other tips from our troubleshooting posts and if you haven’t solved the issue, then follow this latest tip.

The clicking sounds may mean replacing your stoves ignition switch. A burner control button or knob will be the control for the spark ignition switch. A spark lights the burner and the clicking noise is most likely the spark. If you are making it a DIY job, here are some instructions that will show you how to do the replacement of this switch.Next, you will need to completely disconnect your stove from electrical outlets and shut off the supply on the gas line. You will want to find details on your owner’s manual to guide you in this process.Gather your tools: work gloves, ¼” nut driver, a Phillips and flat head screwdriver; depending on your stove model, you might need a wooden block.

Out With the Old

To remove the old switch, do the following; unplug the stove and shut off the supply of gas.Then remove the burner grates, and related caps and keep them for later. Now, using your ¼” nut driver, remove the burner base. Place these items to the side to use for later. Next, remove the burner tube, but be careful as these usually have screws to secure them.

Take the cook top off of the unit. This is usually accomplished by using the flat head screwdriver to leverage it up. The top of these stoves are usually made to stay propped open. If not, use the wooden block to hold it open. Now, completely open the oven door. The entire manifold panel will come off once you have removed all of the screws. You will find control knobs. Just pull it straight off to remove.The switch will be connected to wires which you will need to remove these from metal clips. Now, it will be easy to separate the switch from the burner valve.

You are now ready to install the new ignition switch: the switch will snap into a burner valve. Reconnect by placing the wires back into clips. The manifold pan can be screwed into place and then close the oven door. Lower stove top again to its place. Be sure the spark electrodes have been placed into holes, if they are there. Place all parts back together and you are ready to turn gas supply back on and plug your stove in. If you are not comfortable doing it, you have the option of calling in the appliance repair expert in Peterborough.