Guidelines For Maintaining A Freezer

A freezer’s lifetime can be extended by making sure that it receives proper maintenance. Of course, not all homeowners with freezers understand what maintenance tasks belong on a list of life-extending procedures. These guidelines have been created in hopes of adding to their understanding. These guidelines offer details on the most noteworthy tasks.

Scheduling times for defrosting

In all types of freezers an excessive buildup of frost can prove harmful. If you own a freezer with a self-defrosting setting, let that same setting serve as a reminder. The defrost setting will not work, if it has not been selected. The person using the freezer must do the selecting.
If you must do the job manually, turn the appliance off and let the ice thaw. If there is an excess amount, and it thaws slowly, scrape it off by hand. After the defrosting process has been completed and the freezer has been plugged into the outlet once more, do not assume that this one maintenance job is finished. Watch for any evidence of a rapid return of the vanished frost. If such evidence appears, it is time to call a specialist in performing repairs on freezers.

Cleaning of condenser coils

A freezer’s condenser coils need to be cleaned every three months. In most appliances of the units that have freezers, those coils can be found at the back at the bottom of the appliance. Be sure to unplug the unit first; then clean the coils by using a brush or a vacuum.

Emptying of drain pan

The drain opening pan can be found under the freezer. It catches the run-off from the cooling coils. It should not be emptied until the appliance has been unplugged. Once the water in the pan has been thrown out, do not let any other substances remain. Remove any deposits or debris that might be clinging to the pan’s bottom and sides. Then gently return the empty pan to its original location.

Checking the door seal

When you look at the freezer’s door seal, note any evidence of damage or deterioration. Do not overlook even small rips, holes or tears. If the seal has any such signs of damage, you need to order a new seal.
Realize that dirty seals can prove as harmful as damaged ones. Use a damp cloth to remove the seal’s dirt or dust. If you buy a new one, try to keep it as dirt-free as possible. If you take the time to do these simple tasks, your freezer should keep working for a long time. You will not suddenly discover that the ice cream you just bought has melted. Additionally, if there is a bigger issue, you need to call in an appliance repair service in Peterborough.