In-Home Health Tips: Checklist For Maintenance of Dishwasher

No family would want to eat food that might contain dangerous organisms. No family would want to have good food placed on dirty plates. Those two facts underline the clear connection between the health of those residing in a home and the condition of that home’s dishwasher.

The checks that should be part of a dishwasher’s maintenance schedule

• Take a good look at the gasket that can be found on the door. Make sure that it is not worn or torn. Study all of the appliance’s visible parts. Are its handles, knobs and buttons in good condition?
• Pay close attention to the sound of the motor. Has it changed, and if so, how? Does the motor make a strange noise?
• How closely does the temperature of the water that hits the dishes match with the temperature setting? For health purposes the two temperatures should not differ by more than 5 degrees.

Maintenance steps that allow dishwasher to be healthful addition to home

Each step should be carried out on an empty appliance. The presence of any dish, pot or glass might hide some defect, one that could endanger the family’s health. Check to see that the door opens easily. Clean around the door’s edges, and also its gasket. Remove any debris that has collected under the appliance’s hinged part (the door).
Study the condition of the plastic coating on the racks. If it is rusty in spots, then remove the rust using steel wool. If the same coating is not in good shape, then contact the manufacturer and ask about getting a repair kit.
Like all equipment that gets exposed to tap water, the dishwasher needs to be de-limed. Put a mild acid such as lemon juice in one of the dispensers and run the machine for one full cycle. Do that same operation periodically. Make sure that the wash and rinse blades are clean. Use white vinegar to remove mineral deposits. Use a thin wire or a toothpick to open any clogged holes in the blades.
Get re-acquainted with all of the dishwasher’s parts. Review the contents of the owner’s manual. Note the location of the scrap tray. If you have made a habit of removing big pieces of food from your dishes, then this tray should not have many food particles.
Still, for health reasons, you must check to see what it does contain. It might hold some chards from broken glass. If something breaks while on the dishwasher’s racks, it is hard to detect all the pieces and remove them. That is why you have to clean the scrap tray. And if you don’t have the time to do it all, there are many appliance repair services in Peterborough that can be of assistance.