What You Should Know About The Clicking of Burners On A Gas Stove?

A cook that is used to working with the flame from the burner of a traditional gas stove may not understand the reason that the knobs on her new appliance always click, when she first turns them on. Today, those clicks have become part of the ignition process. A click, rather than a tiny flame lights the cook’s chosen burner.
Sometimes, however, too much clicking can invite the appearance of problems. There are times when a cook should expect such a sound; on the other hand, there are times when the same sound sends a signal. It is signal that something is wrong and that is when you need to call in an appliance repair expert in Newmarket, Stoney Creek & Peterborough.

What those loud signals might indicate

Maybe a turning of the knob produces the expected sound, but not the desired ignition of a burner. The cause for that problem could be that the unit that is supposed to create the burner’s flame has become wet. It is OK to clean around that same unit, but that period of cleaning should be followed by a period for drying. Once that time span has passed, the burner will click, but should then ignite.
There is definitely a problem, if some members of the household hear intermittent clicking sounds when all the burners remain off. Those strange sounds might be alerting you that someone has failed to turn off all of the knobs. Of course, maybe one person turned a knob on, and expected someone else to turn it off.
A knob’s design on one brand of gas stove does not always match with the design used on a different brand. Some of them must be out before being turned off. All of them have an ignition setting. Even if the burner must remain on, that setting should be altered, so that it matches with the type of flamed desired by the cook.

A more demanding problem

There should be no continuous clicking after the stove has been turned off. If the situation at the appliance differs from what should be expected, then there is a real problem. It may be necessary to have someone do a test on the burner’s switch and igniter. In that case, a repair technician should be contacted.

A less demanding one

While the continuous click that might be heard, if one particular problem exists, a second problem can cause a burner to click after the flame has appeared. In this case though, there is an easy solution. The clues (the clicks) indicate that there is dirt in the electrode. That can be removed by sticking a paper clip or a pin in the burner’s holes.