Know More About Electric Cooktop Problems

Your cooktop is an important part of your kitchen. When it comes to creating wonderful dishes for the family it would be hard to do without this appliance. If you are having some common electric cooktop issues, read this troubleshooting guide.

Electric Cooktop Not Turning on: If your cooktop will not turn on, it may seem too obvious, but check that the appliance is actually plugged in. If it is plugged in properly, check the outlet. Another small appliance or a multimeter will do this. If the outlet seems to be the issue, an electrician will be able to resolve the problem. If the outlet is not the problem, it may be internal components of your cooktop. This malfunction could be minor but it is best to let a professional repair technician handle it.

Coils Will Not Heat: The electric coil burners’ heat up for cooking and is what you most likely have with your traditional electric cooktop. If these coils are not heating, although your appliance has power, there are reasons why.One of the reasons could be that the coils and the cooktop have a loose connection. In this case, the coils are not receiving power. To fix this issue, remove the coil, clean and replace.

Cannot Adjust Burner Temperature: Your appliance has a lot to offer, unless, the temperature settings cannot be precisely adjusted.Your cooktop’s faulty infinite switch could be what is forcing the temperature to reach one, specific level. This may even be caused by a faulty internal ignition switch. An appliance repair service should be contacted for either of these issues.

Spark in Cooktop: If you switch on the electric cooktop and see sparks coming out, this could be an indication of damaged heating element. Hazardous sparks can occur, if the damages have been caused by extremely high temperatures or a lot of weight. Remember that seeking a professional repair expert will be your safest alternative.

Indicator Lights Do Not Turn On: If the lights or displays of your cooktop are not coming on the defective control switch could need repairing. It also may be a simple case of burned-out bulbs that need replacing.

Damaged Electric Coils: Your cooktop may be worn out from frequent use or time. If you notice damage to your cooktop’s coils, like blisters, cracks or bubbles, the coils need replacement as repairs cannot be done. The replacement coils must be of the correct size or you will once again have cooktop issues.

And if nothing works, call in the appliance repair experts in Newmarket. They understand the nuances of the cooktop and will be able to assist you with it.