How To Shop For A New Washer And Dryer

Whether you just purchased a home, thus allowing you to move out of an apartment, or you need to replace an old set of appliances, there are certain things that you must do, as you prepare to shop for a new washer and dryer.

Items that go on your “to do” list before you do any shopping

Measure the space into which you plan to fit your new set. Make sure that both of your appliances would stand at least 6 inches from the wall behind them. In addition the two of them should be no less than 1 inch apart. Measure the door through which both appliances will have to pass, after they arrive. Take a look at the path over which the people delivering those two big items will need to walk.

Decisions best made before you go online or visit a store

Think about the size of a typical load. That should help you to decide on the capacity of your desired machine. A small load can get clean in a washer with a capacity of just 2.45 cubic feet. Larger loads need something closer to 5.6 cubic feet.
Set a maximum price before you start shopping. Start weighing the costs and benefits of different models. You will pay less for a top-loading washer, but the front-loading washer uses less water. Hence it allows you to save money on utility bills. You can also save money on utility bills by getting appliances that carry the energy star. Moreover, you can limit the cost of a front-loading machine by getting one that is white, rather than some exciting color. Top-loaders are also cheaper in white. One of the best ways to save money concerns the selection of options. It makes no sense to pay for an option that you will seldom, if ever, use.

How you might invest some of your savings in your laundry room

You might want to have shelves installed in your laundry room. If you do not want to pay for it right now, then perhaps you could keep it in mind for the near future. One man in California took the old shelves from a remodeled kitchen and used then in the family’s laundry room.
A storage basket would make a nice addition to a laundry room. If you do not want to use the dryer all the time, then you will need to find a place for the items that will be used to hang clothes on a line. How about the iron and ironing board; will those two items be stored in the laundry room? Irrespective of the need, it is best to consult with an appliance repair expert in Stoney Creek that can help you get the right brand in your budget.