Understanding More About Microwave Issues

Microwaves are the go-to appliance for busy kitchens and offer more convenience than oven or stovetop. For all of its ease and simplicity, your microwave will require maintenance and repairs from time to time. The troubleshooting answers below are for most common issues affecting your microwave.

Microwave Will Not Run

If you cannot use your microwave because it will not come on you could have some minor or major problems.Check that your countertop microwave is plugged in. The electrical outlet may be bad, you can check with a multimeter or with another small appliance. An electrician will be needed if your electric outlet is not working.

The microwave door switch could be malfunctioning in either built-in or countertop models. Your microwave will not work if the door switch is not properly connecting to signal the microwave that it can begin.

Microwave Runs But Does Not Heat

Your microwave is useless if it does not work. There are parts that will keep your microwave from heating. It could be the high-voltage diode or the magnetron. The diode provides the power the magnetron needs to produce heat. Assistance from a qualified repair service can help with these issues.

Touchpad Not Responding

All-functions used for cooking in your microwave are chosen from the touchpad.
There are two reasons your touchpad is not working, the control board or a faulty membrane switch. These control your microwave functions. These are not easily replaced so you should employ the service of expert repair person.

Microwave Tray Not Turning

If the tray inside your microwave is not turning, your food will not be evenly cooked. A common reason your microwave tray is not turning could be the microwave drive motor is broken. The rotating motion that spins the tray is powered by the drive motor. A professional appliance repair technician will be able to provide assistance in replacement of parts.

Microwave Exhaust Fan Not Working

A charcoal or grease filter may be the problem if the microwave exhaust fan has stopped working. Over time these filters can become clogged and stop the fan from working as it should. The filters can be replaced by an appliance repair service in Stoney Creek or they can even clean to solve the problem.

Excessive Noise from Your Microwave

A microwave is a bit noisy when operating but excessive noise could indicate bigger problems. Several things could cause this and usually involve disassembly of your appliance. You should call a certified microwave repair center if you have these problems.